"Who, when, how and where .."
Everything you always wanted to know, at one click:
Make your own strategies, anticipate the market dumps, search for big spreads,
follow and copy the biggest gainer wallets and much more...
Based on IDEX & UNISWAP exchanges
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If you are an IDEX / UNISWAP user, and you want to be able to anticipate and develop better trading strategies, DEXTools will help you in a very simple way.

How it works


DEXTools works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.


Buy DEXT at exchanges and pay with it.


Save your data and access them from any device.


Set-up your live notifications.

Features Uniswap

Pool Explorer
UNISWAP Pool Explorer

Search for new pools, add or remove liquidity in a pair, find the best gems and avoid the scams.

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Pair Explorer
UNISWAP Pair Explorer

Follow the best pairs through this tool with real-time graphics and transactions, add your pairs to favorites and much more.

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Features IDEX

Token Catch
IDEX Token Catch

Hunt all tokens in IDEX in real-time. Put your order and try to catch the dump. Has anyone dumped the market? Who?

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Spread Hunter
IDEX Spread Hunter

Looking for big spread tokens? Filter by volume, try to buy cheap and sell high with a bigger percentage of profits.

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Wallet Info
IDEX Wallet Info

Save, compare, search wallets of any user. Examine your transaction history, your orders, benefits ...

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OB Search
IDEX OB Search

Check Real-time order books of any pair in IDEX and their trade history. Washtrading?, Teams? find out this.. and much more.

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Exchange Data
IDEX Exchange Data

It's said that the more ETH, the more market movement... Check the deposits and withdrawals of ETH in the exchange and where it comes from.

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DEXTools User Plans

Free Version

- / hold

  • Uniswap Pair Explorer Limited (Delayed charts and minor features removed)
  • Delayed Pool Explorer

Basic Version

0.3 ETH in DEXT / Subscription*

  • Real-Time Data and Chart
  • Uniswap Basic Tools
  • Complete IDEX Features
  • 50% Discount to Holders with 5000 DEXT**

Premium Membership

100,000 DEXT / hold*

  • All Features Included
  • Limit Orders and Bots
  • Airdrops from Sponsors
  • Real-Time Data in Dashboard
  • Access to DEXT Private Group (Soon)

** To qualify for the discount you must hold at least 5000 DEXT in your wallet apart from the payment.

* Hold means that you must have the necessary tokens in your ERC20 wallet at the time of sign in and login, this process will be done through metamask.

* When V1 is released, we will burn 20 Million from the first fees of subscriptions. The way to doing this is to burn 50% of the first 40 Million collected fees, in a monthly base. After that is achieved, we will continue to Burn 10% of all fees we receive from subscriptions forever.



- Website into production.

- Beta version development and test phase.


- Free beta open to test.

- App betatesters feedback data analysis.

- Some minor updates added.

2020 Q3 - v1.0 RELEASE

- Fully functional v1.0 app launch.

- Basic & premium services avaliable (payable with DEXT).

- New features added, based in betatesting period.


- New Features added.

- Integrated trading Bots.

- MultiDex app development.

- More DEX integrations.

DEXT Token

Token Name: DEXT

Contract: 0x26ce25148832c04f3d7f26f32478a9fe55197166

Total Supply: 190.000.000 DEXT

Circulating Supply: 100.000.000 DEXT

Powered by blockchain, The DEXT token is necessary to be able to subscribe to the application.

Team wallets locked. *

* DEXTools reserves the rights to use DEXT to raise funds for promotion, marketing or hiring.

Token distribution

Currently available on the following exchanges

Team Members

  • Javier Palomino

  • CEO and Co Founder
  • Frederic Fernández

  • Co Founder, CMO and Developer
  • Pablo Ojanguren

  • CTO and Lead Engineer
  • Guillermo Rodríguez

  • Assistant QA Tester
  • Dani López

  • Assistant Developer
  • Alex Nguyen

  • Moon, Inc Advisor
  • Mauvis Ledford

  • Technical Advisor
  • Adam Martínez

  • Assistant

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